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Life goals, budgeting and a spending plan

Life Goals, Budgeting and a Spending Plan

There are three critical pieces of the puzzle when it comes to life goals, budgeting and a spending plan. The budget needs to be aligned with your life goals. A spending plan is needed that’s aligned with the budget. Finally, you need to know how much money is really available for spending at any given time. If any piece is missing, your budget and life goals are at risk.

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Another benefit of having a budget - managing the loss of a job

Another Benefit of Having a Budget

Having a budget and a spending plan is a good idea in general. However, there is another benefit of having a budget and spending plan. You’ll have the information you need to get back on track if you are the victim of identity theft, a cyber attack, stolen credit card information, an internet service interruption or a job loss.

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Waste not want not. Don't look at it as a lecture. Turn it into a hobby and have some fun with it.

Waste Not Want Not

Hobbies are a fun way to put the “waste not want not” principal into action. Crafts. Cooking. Preserve a favorite pair of jeans you don’t want to toss out.

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