Tailored Approach

At Money Measures, we firmly believe that every person’s financial situation is unique, and therefore requires a personalized approach to budgeting. We understand the importance of tailoring financial solutions to each individual’s specific needs and circumstances.

With this in mind, we offer a wide range of long-term budgeting solutions that can help individuals and organizations from all walks of life. From employers looking to enhance their employee benefits program to retirees seeking retirement lifestyle budgeting solutions, Money Measures has the expertise and tools to help achieve financial goals.

Our solutions are designed to empower you to take control of your finances, no matter what your financial situation may be.



Our resources can enhance your employee benefits program by providing long-term budgeting solutions for your employees, including debt repayment plans, home ownership strategies, retirement lifestyle budgeting, and managing inflation. Money Measures is a valuable addition to any employee benefits program, providing powerful tools for employees to make the most of their earnings and increase their overall satisfaction with their work. Our software not only improves financial literacy and reduces financial stress but also leads to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention rates.

Families & Caregivers

Our software is family friendly. There are a variety of ways it can be used.
Money Measures' web software simplifies financial management for families and caregivers who are responsible for their own budgets as well as the finances of those they care for. The software provides tools to stay on top of upcoming income and expenses. Managing one set of finances can be challenging, but being responsible for others can be overwhelming. With Money Measures' app, individuals can easily manage multiple files and maintain an overview of finances, allowing for better financial decision-making and peace of mind.
The software can also be used to teach children and youth about budgeting.


We offer educational tools to help children and youth learn about the importance of financial management. Money Measures simplifies financial education for children and adolescents with our web software and free manuals, "Connecting Math & Money For Young Children" and "Making the Connection Between You & Your Money For Teenagers & Young Adults." The software can be used as a lifestyle calculator to create a personalized mock budget to show the impact of saving and spending over time. This helps children and youth understand the importance of financial management and develop better financial decision-making skills, leading to increased financial literacy.

Kids & Youth

Our tools and resources can help children and youth develop financial skills that can have lifelong benefits. Money Measures' web software can provide tools and resources to help kids and youth build strong financial skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. The software can teach children and young adults how to create budgets, manage expenses, and project cash flow. By using these tools, individuals can better understand how small choices in financial management can make a big difference over time. This can lead to improved financial decision-making skills and increased financial literacy, changing the way users view spending habits for the better.


Our small business budgeting solutions can help you optimize your income and expenses as part of a business growth strategy, including the management of fluctuating income and expenses. Money Measures' web software is designed to provide customizable long-term budgeting solutions for entrepreneurs to help them manage their income and expenses effectively. Our cash flow summary feature helps determine what is important and whether there are funds that can be reallocated to align spending with business goals, even taking into account seasonal and other fluctuations in income and expenses. This can help entrepreneurs make better financial decisions and manage their finances more effectively in the long run, ultimately contributing to a sustainable business growth strategy.


Money Measures' retirement lifestyle budgeting solutions are designed for individuals who are already in retirement or planning to retire soon. Our web software is a powerful tool that can help individuals create and manage their retirement budgets, including those who may be considering or who are asked to take an early retirement package. With our cash flow forecast feature, you can easily see and keep up with upcoming bills and expenses, providing a forward view into the future that makes it easy to anticipate and plan for upcoming expenses and available funds. By utilizing Money Measures' retirement lifestyle budgeting solutions, retirees can better manage their finances to ensure a comfortable and secure retirement, including those who may be facing early retirement decisions.

Community Groups

We provide valuable resources for community groups looking to host financial workshops for people of all ages. Money Measures’ web software can provide valuable resources for community groups of all ages that are looking to host budgeting workshops for people of all ages. The software can provide simple tools and resources for creating budgets, reviewing expenses, and projecting cash flow. This can help community groups reach children, those with low income, immigrants/refugees/temporary residents, other at risk groups or those seeking more financial literacy to help them better manage their finances, feel empowered and provide a more effective financial education.

Life Events

Some unexpected life events are exciting. Some are challenging and involve uncertainty. Whatever the nature of the life event, managing a budget can be difficult. We offer solutions for a variety of life events, such as homeownership, dealing with inflation, job loss, separation, payday loans, debt reduction, saving money, lifestyle budgeting, and more. The software can help users create and manage budgets and project cash flow. The app affords individuals a better forward looking view of their finances which can help them to make better decisions in budget management during life's many events and changes.

Discover what sets Money Measures apart from the rest!

Our personalized approach to financial management led us to develop a range of customizable tools and features that make all the difference. With features like cashflow calculation and projection, payment method customization, and essential vs. discretionary spend tagging, you’ll have everything you need to tailor your experience and manage your finances with ease. See for yourself why Money Measures is the go-to choice for individuals and organizations alike!

Key Features

Money Measures provides a unique solution to managing your finances by offering essential tools that are designed to give you advanced functionality. Our web app is tailored to meet your specific requirements with customizable options that give you the flexibility to manage your finances your way. Whether you prefer to use all of our advanced features or stick to the basics, Money Measures has the solution for you. Our user-friendly platform is easy to navigate, and our intuitive prompts and suggestions make it simple to get started. With Money Measures, you can take control of your finances and achieve your financial goals with ease.


keeping track of upcoming income and expenses

No need for manual tracking with pens, papers and calculators - our app automates the process for you. You can easily enter one-time and recurring payments for both income and expenses, and our app will remember them. Get a clear picture of your cash flow in the short and long term, thanks to our intuitive interface. Plus, with the ability to customize payment amounts to account for seasonal and other fluctuations, you'll always stay on top of your finances. With this future looking view you can make informed decisions about how to allocate resources, plan for the future, and avoid cashflow issues that can lead to financial stress.

payment options

Customize the timing of payments and align the method of payment with your preferred way of paying. Utilizing these features in our app turns your spending habits into a real-time spending plan that can be aligned with your financial goals. For example, if you pay a bill online or at an ATM on a certain day of the month, enter the bill payment for the typical day of the month it is paid. When the cash flow forecast is reviewed after all the expenses have been entered based on the typical method and timing of payments, you will see if there are any payments that will lead to a potential cash shortfall.

essential vs discretionary spend tagging

Tagging spending as "needs-based" or "wants-based" can help users understand where their money is going and identify areas where they can potentially cut back. This can help them prioritize their spending and ensure that they are allocating their resources in a way that align with their values and goals.

green, yellow, red light moments

The app's unique system of green, yellow, and red light moments alerts users to upcoming financial challenges or opportunities in real-time. This can help them stay ahead of potential cashflow issues, plan for the future, and avoid financial stress.

customization to include multiple budget files

Customizing the app to include multiple budget files can help you manage finances for multiple people or purposes, such as having your own personal budget file as well as having one for someone in your care. This can help you keep their financial information organized and ensure that they are staying on top of all financial obligations.

intuitive prompts
and alerts

The app's built-in helpful prompts and alerts based on user inputs ensure that important details aren't missed. For example, if you enter a car loan payment without having entered a corresponding car insurance expense, the software will generate an alert about it. This is one of the features in the app that can help you stay on top of your finances and make informed decisions.

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