November Webinar

See below for details of our November webinar.

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Connecting Math & Money for Kids

People who find it hard to “do the math” can also find it hard to do the math when it comes to money and budgeting.

If your child isn’t getting enough instruction in math and money, this free webinar is a must attend.  It is taking place from 7-8pm on Friday, November 25.  The end goal of this webinar is to make doing the math easier and also to help kids make the transition from adding and subtracting numbers to doing the math when it comes to money.  

The following is covered as part of this webinar:

  • Double-digit and triple-digit addition and subtraction
  • Carrying and borrowing numbers
  • “Doing the math” when it comes to money, income, and expenses
  • Concepts around taxes and IOU’s

At one time, knowing the basics about math and money was enough to get by.  It’s not that simple anymore. There is a disconnect when it comes to math and money.  Sharpening the math skills and applying them to money is a big help when it comes to doing the critical thinking around personal finances.

Even if your child doesn’t score 100% on a math test, the concepts covered in this webinar will be concepts your child will recognize and identify with in life’s journey.  

This webinar is intended for people who understand the concepts of double-digit and triple-digit addition and subtraction. 

For the best webinar experience, using a laptop or desktop computer is recommended.

The facilitator of this webinar is Elaine Bechthold.  She is the founder of Money Measures Inc.  She wants our next generation of children to have the financial literacy skills needed to do more than just get by in life.  Visit Elaine’s LinkedIn page for information about Elaine’s background.

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