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September 2021

Showing People They Matter – Even When Money is Tight

In our September webinars, learn how to start writing your own script when it comes to managing the money in your bank account. Plan to get back to living life again in the coming months. Make it a time of celebration without the celebrations being overshadowed by stressing about money. 

There are many reasons to celebrate right now. Kids are happy to be back at school and seeing friends again, many clad with new clothes and backpacks. People are learning to live and celebrate within the “new normal”, getting together with friends and family again. 

Sending kids back to school with new clothes and backpacks costs money. Getting together with friends and family also costs money for everything from hosting parties to traveling. 

There’s a sense of excitement and anticipation at this time of year, but it can be overshadowed with stressing about the money being spent and incurring debt.  

1-hour webinars are being held from Monday, September 27 to Friday, October 1. Each session in the September webinars will cover:

  • Creating a budget that’s tailored to your unique situation
  • How to incorporate travel plans and party planning into the budget using our “Travel costs” and “Party planning” expense sheet. 
  • Learning what can trip you up when it comes to money and having a plan to keep you on track

There will be a Q&A at each webinar. Attendees are encouraged to register for more than one session to reinforce what they are learning and to ask more questions. 

We encourage everyone to sign up for a Money Measures guest account to get the most out of this experience. We will extend the free trial by one month for people attending a September webinar. Learn how to budget the Money Measures way and have an extra month to get it working for you.

Signing up for a guest account is simple. It does not require a credit card for a free trial and Money Measures does not connect to your bank account.

Sign up here for a Money Measures account.