Video Tutorials

We have done a series of how-to videos to get you started using our budgeting web app. You can also book a virtual meeting to have us do some initial entries for you while at the same time showing you how to use the web app – all at no charge to you!

We want to hear from you if there is a how-to video you would like us to do for using our budgeting web app. Contact us

Budgeting makes life affordable

Getting started

This video introduces you to the screens and the “My account” page as well as the basics for creating and using a budget using the Money Measures web app.

Enter incomes and expenses 

Entering Incomes

Entering Expenses

Special features of the Money Measures web app

There is a spreadsheet that’s a combination checklist and calculator for doing a food budget, travel planning and party planning – the web app does the calculations!

Features that decrease the risk of missing expenses

Practical uses for the budgeting web app

Deal with inflation

Deal with a job loss

Seasonal work

There are features to help manage the use of credit cards and for dealing with debt. Book a virtual meeting to receive a walkthrough of these features.

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