The Money Measures Approach

Effectively managing cash flow is one piece of the puzzle when you have made the decision to make payments towards paying off debt, saving money or making a major purchase. The road to financial independence can be difficult, but once you arrive, you’ll never look back. Getting there requires patience, persistence, and having access to the right tools. The Money Measures app is one of the tools that should be part of your journey to financial independence. It’s more than just another budgeting app – it’s your key to independence.

What makes Money Measures unique?

The tools you use on your path to financial independence need to work for you, allowing you to see your income and expenses in real time so that you can realistically plan for the future.  In order to plan for the future, you need accurate information about your financial picture at your disposal. 

Money Measures is a cloud-based app that focuses on real-time cash flow forecasting.  You will know how much will be going in and coming out of your bank accounts at any given time, showing you where you will be in a week, month or year.

What sets us apart from other budgeting tools?

First and foremost, Money Measures doesn’t need to be connected to your bank account. The app allows you to perform real-time cash flow forecasting. Other budgeting apps use your past spending and saving behavior to shape your budgeting plan. Money Measures believes in having a plan to pay what must be paid, seeing how much money is left over, and creating a budget for spending the money that’s left over based on what matters most to you.  This approach allows you to identify spending that doesn’t fit the plan.  

We’re not here to tell you what to do with your money. We won’t tell you how to invest your money. That’s what a certified financial advisor or planner is for. Instead, we want to give you an accurate picture of where you are, where you will be, and where you could be based on how you want to prioritize your spending. Money Measures shows you how your budgeting and spending decisions impact how much money will be left in the bank at the end of the day. Whether it’s flagging unnecessary expenses or seeing and managing those times when a shortfall or excess amount of money is in the forecast, we want to show you how every financial decision impacts your bottom line.

What is the Money Measures approach?

We have developed a real appreciation for the pen-to-paper approach to cash flow forecasting. Money Measures is the logical evolution to that critical process, allowing you to build a long term financial forecast with endless possibilities. Using Money Measures, you will be able to see and prevent potential shortfalls in your financial picture and identify when extra money is available to put towards your budgeting goals. 

Money Measures was designed with the intention of helping you work towards your financial goals and teaching you financial literacy along the way. Whether you are planning to get your business off the ground, eliminate long standing debt, or purchase your first home, Money Measures should be part of your journey to financial independence.

The “avalanche” and the “snowball” approach are common approaches for paying down debt.  A unique feature in our app is having the ability to copy files after expected incomes and expenses are entered, which makes it possible to see the cash flow picture using both the avalanche and the snowball approach for paying down debt.

Using Money Measures to plan for your financial future means never being left in the dark about your financial picture ever again – we offer a real-time cash flow forecast that can be used to achieve financial freedom. Don’t just break even, break free.


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