Coaching – Managing the Money in the Bank

Get your finances in order using long term budgeting solutions

The key to the Money Measures way of budgeting is adaptability and flexibility.  Cheque payments, e-transfers, online transactions, cash purchases as well as debit card and credit card purchases can all be accounted for using the Money Measures web app.  Factoring in all payment methods for income and expenses is an integral part of our long term budgeting solutions.  We have two jobs to do as coach.  One is to show you how your income, your bill payments and other expenses are to be entered into the web app.  Our second job is to show you how to make use of the income and expense information.  We can also enter the information for you and explain things as we go.  

Whether you are trying to eliminate debt, save money, purchase your first home or trying to teach your child sound budgeting principles, Money Measures can help.

If you are an entrepreneur who needs to find the money to fund business growth, start by looking at your cashflow.   We can help with that too.

About Elaine

Elaine Bechthold worked for over a decade in the financial services industry.  She is also the Financial Manager for a farm operation.  After a lifetime of professional and lived experience managing money, it is her mission to help others understand and work with their own finances.

Long term budgeting made it possible to grow the farm operation and the Money Measures web app has been developed to make her long term budgeting method available to others.

Hope for a better tomorrow.

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