Managing the Money in the Bank

Let us help you be best buds
with your money. 

Best buds with your money

Having a spending plan is the key to staying within your budget and achieving your goals

When cash was king, a spending plan that aligned with the budget was automatically in place if you used the envelope method for managing cash.  So much cash went into each envelope on payday.  When the cash in an envelope was gone, it was gone.  

Cards and electronic banking have replaced cash as king.  No more envelopes.  No more built-in spending plan that aligns with your goals.  

Until now.  

Money Measures knows how to create a spending plan that’s aligned with your goals and budget.  It doesn’t matter how you pay your bills – cash, cheque, debit card, credit card, e-transfer – all forms of payments can be accounted for.  We have a 5-step process we walk you through for setting goals and creating a budget and spending plan that’s aligned with your goals.

  1. Setting goals.
  2. Using the Money Measures web app to capture expected income and planned spending.
  3. Reviewing the planned spending to see what is and isn’t aligned with your goals.
  4. Fine-tuning the spending plan so spending is aligned with your goals – get tangible results!
  5. Using the Money Measures web app to adapt to changes.

No matter what your goals are – eliminating debt, saving money, purchasing your first home or trying to teach your child sound budgeting principles – Money Measures can help.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to see how the money in the bank can be managed differently to fund business growth, we can help with that too. 

About Elaine

Elaine Bechthold worked for over a decade in the financial services industry.  She is also the Financial Manager for a farm operation.  After a lifetime of professional and lived experience managing money, it is her mission to help others understand and work with their own finances.

Long term budgeting made it possible to grow the farm operation and the Money Measures web app has been developed to make her long term budgeting method available to others.

Hope for a better tomorrow.

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