Coaching – Managing the Money in the Bank

Get your finances in order by managing your cash flow

Our approach is to work with you to help you understand your cash flow and how our long term budgeting solutions can help you improve cash flow. Sometimes a budgeting app or tool just isn’t enough to get you where you need to be, especially if you have a financial situation that is “outside the box”, such as having income and expenses that fluctuate.

Whether you are trying to eliminate debt, save money or purchase your first home, Money Measures can help.

About Elaine: Financial Educator 

Elaine Bechthold worked for over a decade in the financial services industry before using her experience to manage and grow a farm operation using her long term budgeting solutions. After a lifetime of professional and lived experience managing money, it is her mission to help others understand and work with their own finances.

The Money Measures web app has been developed to make her long term budgeting solutions available to others.

“There is hope for a better tomorrow.” – Elaine Bechthold

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