Coaching – Managing Personal Cash Flow

When you have made the decision to pay down debt, save money, invest money or make a major purchase, Money Measures can help in your journey. In order to make payments on debt and set money aside for investing or making a major purchase, the money needs to be in the bank. Helping you see when the money will and won’t be in the bank is how Money Measures can help – including managing fluctuating income and expenses.

Our approach is to work with you to help you pick up financial literacy skills that set you up for a lifetime of financial success. Whether you are trying to pay off long standing debts or working towards a specific goal such as purchasing your first home, Money Measures offers financial coaching services that will let you achieve your financial dreams.

Eliminating debt

Debt comes in all shapes and sizes. To us, debt reduction means getting you to include long and short-term debt payments into your budget so you can start conquering your debt. We want to set you up to not only eliminate debt, but stay out of debt. We do this by working with you to create a realistic plan to tackle your payments. Along the way, we help you by building financial literacy skills that allow you to see when spending decisions are in line with or contrary to your goals for eliminating debt.

Saving money

Our financial coaching services allow you to start saving money more effectively so that you can break free and be truly financially independent. We work with you to create a realistic budget that allows you to maintain your regular living expenses while still being able to put money away for retirement, your first home, a new car, or whatever your goal may be. We do this by helping you identify essential and non-essential payments – a place to start when it comes to prioritizing spending.

Managing fluctuating income and expenses

It can be difficult to build an effective financial plan when you have fluctuating incomes and expenses, making your overall financial picture seemingly unpredictable. Our specialty is looking for opportunities to make the seemingly unpredictable predictable. These services are perfect for entrepreneurs, seasonal workers, farmers, salespeople, and agricultural workers who experience these unique challenges. We help you better navigate cash flow so you can overcome debt, save money, and become financially independent, even with fluctuating income and expenses.

Building financial literacy

Financial literacy is critical when it comes to weathering financial storms. Getting an understanding of what your essential and non-essential payments are is a great place to start. To start building your financial literacy skills, try our app – subscribe for free for 30 days.